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Design Appreciation

Task 1: Products


The cylinder design of the speaker allows an almost 360˚ sound projection. It has a similar to a canned beverage, giving it an effortless grip. The speaker is light weight but sturdy. The soft stitching is narrow and compacted to aid in the water-resistant design. The rubber part of the speaker adds a smooth finish to the speaker, preventing any rough edges that would chip or cause damages if it were made of different materials, such as plastic. The buttons are flat and internally press to retain the cylinder shape. The on power button on the top illuminates when engaged.

Nivea Lip Balm Stick

The lip balm stick is extremely lightweight and small, making it easy to carry and store in a pocket, bag or even to hold. The texture is very smooth with curved edges, possibly to prevent it getting caught on materials. The lid pops off smoothly without much effort and clips back in easily and satisfyingly, but despite this, it stays on securely. Being made of plastic, the lip balm packaging is sturdy and waterproof, not allowing the packaging to be damaged and ruin the product. The golden yellow colour of this lip balm is perfect for its ‘sun protect’ feature containing SPF 30 in the product. This colour brings an association to the sun, which seems to be this products selling point of acting as a sunblock for lips.

Water Bottle

This 1 Litre water bottle is made out of plastic to maintain its sturdy shape and hold water without disintegrating. It’s translucent colour allows the user to see the volume or water inside, perfect for monitoring consumption and for when it’s being being filled up. In addition to this, the water bottle has a clear, simple measurement strip along the side in both ml and oz. by having two measurements it is more inclusive to those who prefer to measure volumes in different units. The design of the water bottle cap is designed to maximise grip for opening. It is a screw cap to prevent water from leaking out as it can be securely closed. The handle loop gives the user the option to hold it or clip it as well as also preventing the lid from getting lost when removed. The bottle contains a collaboration branding with Nécessaire, and features its name on the bottle. Their use of advertising is successful here as the water bottle is very minimalist has no other designs, other than the measuring strip, and therefore we are drawn to read the ‘Nécessaire’ title.

Task 2: Websites


The apple website is very visually appealing and has an effective user experience. The white background allows the products to stand out with their wide range of colour. the way they present the various products side by side makes it easy for the consumers to compare them. they utilise their scrolling feature for aesthetic and smooth transitions. they use the full with of the screen to present large scale images for more detail and to make the website stand out.


The Netflix layout emphasises visuals. The films/shows are presented as images to grab the viewers attention. the film/shows are neatly presented in rows, showing 5 at a time with a wide amount space between the rows. This makes the website comfortable for the viewers to see as its not too compact but also manages to effectively display their wide variety of content.


The IKEA website replicates their in-personal shopping experience. it is simple and easy to use/build. they create simple pathways to allow the consumers to narrow down and find exactly what they are looking for. the pages are not overwhelmed with text and prioritise images for a visual shopping experience. The details on the products is simple and short, giving the reader all the information they are looking for instantly.

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