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Film Promotion Design Rationale

Why the film?

I grew up watching mean girls, it’s such an iconic chick flick of my generation- I couldn’t resist! 

I love the y2k style of it, I thought it would be fun to replicate this in my website.

Why this design?

I was aiming for a y2k diary style notebook, to mimic the ‘burn book’ from the movie. Although the original burn book didn’t have lines, I felt without it, it wasn’t as obvious it was a notebook, which is why I decided to use it to express this. I took some inspiration from this blog. However, unlike the actual y2k style of overloading lots of different colours and patterns, I chose not to over do it as it would have probably been a bit difficult to look at from long time. I decided to keep everything, such as typography and buttons etc, neat and simple as the images and the background create a lot of noise already.

I did chose to add some ‘hand drawn’ style doodles, to give it more of the note-book vibe, as well as some kisses and pictures of people to mimic the burn book again.

The colours I chose were based of the burn book and the girl’s clothes. Which, as it’s a classic click flick, circled around the pink tones (sorry Prisca!). And I found a similar font from the original movie poster and decided to stick with that theme.

I added some animation to try and make it more dynamic and exciting. On the ‘about film page’ in the desktop-view I set an animation to try and make it look as though someone has ‘kissed’ the screen and you can see the prints. 


I attempted to work with javascript to create counting numbers for the tickets to make it look more realistic as if you were to going to buy one, but I could’t work out why it wouldn’t work for the other ones.. an improvement to make for next time!

I also would have liked to found a way to select and hold the ‘date’ AND ‘time’, like they have on cinema websites, however I attempted this through various JavaScripts and it didn’t work and I ran into the issues of affecting the accessibility by the ‘focus:’ being manipulated.

Whimsical Planning



Pink hearts doodle


Lipstick kiss 1 red

Lipstick kiss 2 red

Lipstick kiss 3 pink

Lipstick kiss 4 pink

Mean Girls Wiki


Rotten Tomatoes

Greenwich Picture house

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