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A Picture in Time

For my project I created an interactive documentary that explores the question “To what extent does digital hoarding create digital clutter which is driven by nostalgia?”. My project reflects my own personal experience with digital hoarding and how that has accumulated into digital clutter and how re-visiting these images ignites feelings of nostalgia within myself. …

A Path Relived

My project, titled ‘The Path Relived’ is an exploration of minor experiences through layers of revisiting and recapturing to highlight the scene of a moment. Each image creates its own layer and a different perspective that pulls apart a minor experience that I lay them out all to be observed, explored and experienced. Through the …


An experimental film that is heavily influenced by Maya Deren’s ‘Meshes of the Afternoon’ (1943). All sounds are self-made foley sounds that have been manipulated. Directed by Maya, Cinematography by Maya and Floyd, Editing and Soundscape by Floyd, Light and Equipment: Matt, Actor: Femi. Video Link:   I was approached by the showcase event orgnaisers …


All sounds are self-made foley sounds that have been manipulated. Directed by Maya. Edited by Floyd.   Video Link:

Observational Documentary

Year 2 University Project on Observational Documentary. Taken along King’s Street, Bristol. 2019. an Exploration into Pub’s and Pub Culture. Cinematography by Maya, Shea and Floyd. Sound edited by Maya. Video Link:


Year 2 University Project of Appropriation. 2019. This appropriation uses one of David Attenborough’s commentary on wildlife in pair with a various mix of videos of protests and riots. Edited by Maya and Floyd.   Video Link:

Disrupting The Everyday

In Ben Highmore’s extract ‘Questioning the Everyday Life’ (2002), he explores the meaning behind the everyday of people’s lives and what may influence or affect it. In this project, we aim to disrupt the meaning of the everyday by breaking unwritten rules, revealing the unacknowledged concept of time and disorientating from the expected normality. We …